“- Has the blood dried?
  – No, the blood is not dry. It no longer dries!”

Gaëtan Chrétien produces a body of work ranging from painting to video, and encompassing writing, installations, and sound composition. The pieces, as well as the problems they seek to explore, are conceived as stand-alone works. Appearing at first completely distant in their semiology, echos of commonality then emerge in their quintessence. Diverse forms invoke the human condition, representations of the body, the melancholy of youth, and carnal relations, as well as the place and status of works of art in our society. Abstract and dream symbols, violence and poetry, inhere and show through with subtlety. His work is shown in galleries and at cultural events, as well as in contemporary art exhibitions in France and internationally.

In addition to his work as an artist, Gaëtan serves as artistic director, graphic designer and video/film director for diverse musical projects. In 2019, he created the design for the project «Cloud Draw» , the latest album by Claude Salmiéri, which includes the participation of Christian Padovan, Evert Verhees, Denys Lable, Georges Rodi, Alexis Salmiéri, Patrick Bourgoin, Yvon Guillard and Paul Breslin. The video for the album’s title track explores the intimate and psychic bond between the artist and his work which transpires during the act of creation. During this same period, Gaëtan was responsible for developing a unique visual universe for «The View Inside», a concept album by the trio Briand Boursin Rohr, featuring performances by Simon Phillips, Vinnie Colaiuta, Levon Minassian, Gregg Bissonette, Nicolas Viccaro and Hadrien Feraud among others. In early 2020, he directed the video for the track «Keep In Touch» , which accompanies the international release of the project.

Gaëtan is also active in the world of publishing. He recently designed two volumes for the artist Alben: a coffee table book entitled «time capsule» in 2019, and in 2018, a limited edition exhibition catalog for «A River To Cross», which was available at the art museum Maison des Customs in Saint Palais sur Mer.

Gaëtan currently lives and works in Marseille, France.

Exhibitions (Extracts) :

32ÈME RENDEZ-VOUS DES JEUNES PLASTICIENS . Group Show . Centre Culturel de Saint-Raphaël . 2019 . Saint-Raphaël . France

SKELETONS, STORIES & SOCIAL BODIES CONFERENCE . Group Show . University of Southampton . 2018 . Southampton . United Kingdom

VISIBLE . INVISIBLE . Group Show . Museum of Modern Art . 2018 . Yerevan . Armenia

D’ARTS D’ARTS . Group Show . Espace festi’val . 2018 . Arc-lès-Gray . France

IPANEMA . Group Show . Galerie Lantelme . 2018 . La Celle . France

SKELETONS, STORIES & SOCIAL BODIES CONFERENCE . Group Show . University of Southampton . 2017 . Southampton . United Kingdom

MONSTRES & MERVEILLES . Group Show . Château d’Autrey . 2017 . Autrey-lès-Gray . France

D’ARTS D’ARTS . Group Show . Espace Festi’Val . 2016 . Arc-lès-Gray . France

JOAO GALLERY x GAËTAN CHRÉTIEN . Solo Show . Joao Gallery . 2016 . Paris . France

FESTIVAL LA SEMAINE SURRÉALISTE . Group Show . La Garage Moderne . 2015 . Bordeaux . France

FESTIVAL LA SEMAINE SURRÉALISTE . Group Show . Les Vivres de l’Art . 2014 . Bordeaux . France

REDESIGN BOXON Vente aux enchères . Group Show . Marché de Lerme . 2013 . Bordeaux . France

FESTIVAL F&MER . Group Show . Soulac Sur Mer . 2011 . France