Curious Artifacts

Mysterious boards were discovered due to the curiosity of an archaeologist on the site “Plasma”

in the Autumn of 11045. Nearly 48 mysterious boards that were probably created by the man thousands of years ago were identified on the area in Neo-Hampshire. The discoverings were found about a meter below the ground while the team of archaeologists on the spot was carrying out a routine search before the arrival of workers who had to lay communication cables. “We were very close to cover the excavation, when I saw an intense burst among the dust with a different angle so it seemed a little darker,” said one of the archaeologists. «I cleaned a little corner and it seemed to be the lower left corner of an inscription. In that moment I realized it was a unique discovery, “he said. Few inscriptions of this type have been discovered in this area which is rich in archaeological artifacts. The Intergalactic Organization “Voyager” was entrusted with the analytical operations of the artifacts. Some researchers are skeptical about the origin of these boards, not knowing what they could be used for, but according to them if these boards are terrestrial, they would date from 9000 before the Neo-Eon18 era.


Silkscreen ink on glasses . 9,1 x 13 inches . MMXVIII